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I enjoy my profession and have a wide experience of treatment of all ages and have a great empathy with children and those with a nervous disposition.  Since a young age I too have suffered foot problems, leading to intensive sessions of treatment and surgical intervention.

So for those who may be apprehensive – I can understand and empathise with you …..…you have nothing to fear.

The average person walks over 150,000 miles during their lifetime. This is the equivalent of walking around the world 5 times!

It is sensible therefore to look after the parts of our body that bear the brunt of this activity – namely our feet.  Caring well for your feet can minimize the risk of injury, pain and foot conditions which can arise with ageing and use.


I graduated with BSc (Hons) from the Birmingham School of Podiatry in 2004, and have since worked within the NHS and privately, often caring for “at risk feet” for patients of all ages, many with underlying health issues.  

My work within the NHS included membership of the wound care/tissue viability team, managing and treating foot and lower limb wounds and conditions.  Within the NHS, I was responsible at several local hospitals for the management of diabetic patients with foot issues.  This work extended into nursing homes and GP surgeries in the region.

This experience enables me to bring expertise to clients within my private practice allowing me to treat a wide range of podiatry issues (please click on my “Treatments” page to learn more about what I can do for you).

I am passionate about ensuring that your feet are kept in the best possible condition, from basic nail care through to more complex issue management.

Bsc (Hons)


Health and Care Professions Council Registered (CH19219)

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